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Monday, 9 March 2015

Abus 82/70 Padlock brass Monoblock Shackle @ RM 189

Abus 82/70 Padlock brass Monoblock 

Shackle made from hardened special steel
Inner components made from rustfree materials
Precision pin cylinder
A hardened steel pin protects the narrow side of the lock body against sawing
Automatic locking: Locking without key by pushing down the shackle
incl. two keys

Operation and use:
82/63 + 82/70: To secure valuables/goods of medium value or at an average risk of theft
82/90: To secure valuables/goods of greater value or at a high risk of theft
For special applications, e.g automats as well as gates, doors, containers, lorries, etc.
Ideally used with ABUS hasps No. 125 and 130

Price: RM 189
(gst incl.)

Abus 32076 160/50 50mm Combination Padlock @ RM 249

ABUS 160 Series combination padlock 4 digit resettable combination with a tough die cast body for durable security A highly polished chrome finish for better corrosion resistance Hardened steel shackle which resists hacksaw attacks
Net Weight: 0.235kg
Overall width: 50 mm
Overall height: 86 mm
Overall depth: 19 mm
Shackle width: 29 mm I.D.
Shckle height: 26 mm
Shackle Dia: 7.5 mm

Price: RM 249
(gst incl.)

Also available in 160/40mm price rm 215 (gst incl.)

Abus 90/50 Titalium 50mm Body with Stainless Steel Shackle @ RM 379

Abus 90/50 Titalium 50mm Body with Stainless Steel Shackle

All stainless steel padlock with a stainless steel shackle
Shackle Guard Built In
Stainless Steel Cylinder Plug
Para centric Keyway
5 Pin-Pick Resistant mushroom pin tumbler cylinder
Available Keyed Alike and Keyed Different
Made in Germany

10mm - 3/8" Hardened shackle
19mm - 3/4" Horizontal clearance
20.50mm - 13/16" Vertical clearance

Price: RM 379
(gst incl.)

Abus T84MB/40 40mm Body Brass Padlock@ RM 116

Abus T84MB/40  40mm Body Brass Padlock

Self-locking: automatically locks by pushing down the shackle - no key needed for locking
Para centric keyway resists picking
Double bolted: both sides of the shackle are secured by bolts or balls- increased protection against attacks and manipulation
Highly corrosion resistant due to surface protection

Price: RM 116
(gst incl.)

Abus 83CS/55 Heavy Duty Solid Steel Chrome Plated Padlock @ Rm 449

Abus 83CS/55 Padlock: Nickel Plated Body with Through Hardened Steel Shackle:
ABUS Protection Level: 8

Fully restricted ABUS Pfaffenhain key section, only available from the Lockshop-warehouse so you can control who has keys: Fully Restricted until 2020. This is the highest security key section we offer. Each padlock has anti-drill, anti-pick, and anti bump feature

The 83CS/55 is closed shackle version of the 83/55. A better more secure option if the area is under high risk of attack. This is a heavy duty high security padlock designed for high risk areas. The hardened steel body and shackle are tough against attack from bolt cutters and saws and the raised shoulders give it greater protection compared to the open shackle padlocks.
The closed shackle means that there is less clearance underneath the shackle so once locked there is less shackle showing for people to attack. Perfect for hasps and staples or interlocking links of chain.
The 83CS/55 is available keyed alike or masterkeyed to any other padlock in the ABUS 83 series.

6 pin tumbler maufactured from rustfree components

Padlocks Features:

CEN Grade 4
Through hardened steel body and shackle
Closed Shackle to protect against attack
Drill Resistant
Bolt Cutter Resistant
Ball bearing locking (greater protection against pulling and twisting)
Saw resistant
Special alloy shackle with NanoProtect for ultimate corrosion resistance.

Price: RM 449 (gst incl.)
Also available in

Abus 34/55 Platinum Padlock @ RM 415

ABUS 34/55 Platinum series steel padlock with 11mm - 7/16" hardened steel shackle. A beefy padlock for medium to high security applications. This padlock is available in key retaining or non key retaining versions and is rekeyable.
Special alloy steel body & shackle
6 pin precision tumbler cylinder
CEN-Class 4 certified

Price: RM 415 (gst incl.)

Abus 8KS/85 Security Chain @ RM 295 Only!!

Padlock is not included

Abus 8KS/85 Security Chain 

Link Thickness: 8mm
Chain Length: 1400mm.
Inside link: 13mm.
Chain links produced from a hardened special chain steel, designed to protect against all types of attack.
A fabric sleeve prevents the paintwork and chrome from damage.
Where to use it: - securing bicycles, motorbikes, gardening tools and garden furniture or machinery on the building site.
Special requirements imposed by insurance companies security level 9 / 10.

Price: RM 295 (gst incl.)

Also availble in
6KS/65 Price: RM 209 (gst incl.)
8ks/110 Price: RM 380 (gst incl.)

ABUS 83AL/50 high security Titalium padlock @ RM 189 each

Picture shown for illustration purpose only. Price for each pad lock RM 189

ABUS 83AL/50 high security Titalium padlock.

Titalium is a special alloy combining the properties of aluminium and titanium. The result is a high security padlock that offers the strength and reliability of brass, excellent corrosion resistance and is still relatively lightweight.

Coloured aluminium body padlock - (Titalium)
Double ball shackle locking
Z-bar cam system converting "push to lock" to "key to lock"
Removable core cylinder for quick re-keying
Compatible with most restricted keying systems
Shackle - special alloy (stainless steel optional)
Available in black, blue, green, orange, red, violet & yellow

Body width: 50mm
Shackle diameter: 9.5mm
Horizontal shackle clearance: 23.5mm
Vertical shackle clearance: 27mm (available; 19mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm)

Price: RM 189 each
(gst incl.)

Abus 145/40mm Combination Padlock @ RM 74

The Abus Traveller 145/40mm is an aluminium combination lock with resettable code. Suitable for many uses, especially securing luggage and goods that are easily taken, this lock has a 4-digit combination that can be set individually and there is no need for a key. It is available in a variety of colors.

* Combination lock
* Resettable 4-digit code
* No key required
* Solid aluminium body with anodized coating
* Corrosion resistant
* Use for securing luggage and goods of medium value - cash boxes, jewel cases, cupboards, tool boxes, switchboards, etc
* Dimensions: W40mm
* Color: Blue/Red/Silver

Technical data:
* Width a [mm]: 41,5
* Horizontal clearance b [mm]: 21,5
* Vertical clearance c [mm]: 26
* Shackle diameter d [mm]: 6
* Depth e [mm]: 17,5
* Height f [mm]: 77
* Level: 4
* Weight [lbs]: 110

Price: Rm 74
(gst incl.)